Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wondrous Wednesday

Our days get more full as the week goes on. We are getting to know our precious
kids better and better. I do not exaggerate when I tell you they are loved by
their ayis and by Krista and I, and I am sure by many of our supporters! Let me tell you about one moment in my day. We were sitting with kids and ayis
and playing with kids. One little boy - Kevin- who happens to have Spina Bifida
and Developmental Delays (he is not currently available for adoption) was
crying. He is one of the older kids in the room. When he gets upset, he either
screeches or cries loudly. I wonder if he gets overlooked in favor of younger,
cuter children.

Our First Hugs program manager, QiRui, gathered him up in her arms, speaking to
him softly and rocking him. She saw me watching. She said " He gets upset and
some people think he is a bad boy. But he just needs what all the babies need.
He needs love and understanding." This from someone who speaks English as a
second language.

I was floored. My eyes welled up. I told her how important this was and how glad
I was she understands. This is why we are here; why First Hugs exists. These
kids all need to be recognized as precious beings who need love. And QiRui gets
it. She really does. ( I excused myself and got up to wipe my eyes.) One precious boy -Ethan- in our program is listed as LID only available for
adoption through CCAI- he is a funny boy who loves to dance and laugh. A true

As we went to eat lunch, we met a couple from Spain who adopted their son from
XinXiang on Monday. We shared information with them, took them to see our room
and had a great time communicating in our common language - French. The
orphanage director and her assistant were confused by the English, Spanish and
French that was flying around!

One final highlight of our day: Krista trained two nannies in how to work with
several of our older kids using Montessori methods. Jill Walker from
Fredericton, New Brunswick got the program together for Krista. After a tutorial
by Krista, we brought our Thomas to our own "preschool" room and QiRui worked
with him. More details this weekend but I will tell you she is a natural. He was
very afraid when brought into a new room. She got a chair, sat close to him and
Thomas started playing. He became involved and then jumped right in. It was a
truly joyful occasion! What a smart boy, just hungering to have his curiosity

Enjoy some of our pictures!

Thomas on the left and Ethan on the right. Both boys are waiting for their forever families. They are both agency specific Thomas is with GWCA and Ethan is LID only with CCAI.

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