Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did you get your Fathers' Day Card yet?

We are having a Father's Day Fundraiser with the hopes of raising more sponsorships for the children. We are in great need, at this time, to increase our funds to help the children with Gracie's Room & the Foster Care Program. Economic times are still not too good for many, but if you can find it in your
heart to purchase ONE special card and help SPREAD THE NEWS about our fundraiser, that would be great!

And as an added bonus, the person with the most amount donated will receive a FREE PANDA BEAR WITH A RED CHINESE DRESS! Just as a thank-you for helping us make this fundraiser a huge success! If you would like to purchase a card, please visit and click the donation button at the bottom of the front page. Each card is $25!

Again, thank you for all your support :-) You will be contacted for the name and address of where to send the card once your order is placed and the card (s) will be sure to arrive in plenty of time.

The Inside of the Card Reads:

A gift has been made in your honor to Dianjiang Kids International's Gracie's Room program at XinXiang in Henan. /or Foster Care at Dianjiang You will receive quarterly reports with pictures for the next year as part of this gift. You have made an important difference in the life of a child. Have a wonderful Father's Day!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! Click here for more info