Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Featured Product from our Wish List

As you know, we have kicked off the fundraiser, mailed out the newsletter and introduced our new tee shirts!  We sure have been busy here at DJ.  With that said, there are many things needed from our wish list.  We will be certain to share with you every few days some items from our wish list.  We hope this will encourage you to view the needed items and perhaps pass them along to your family and friends. 

Today's featured item is Little Critter Vites!  Click here if you would like to purchase!  Thank you!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Growing Gracie's Room

Gracie’s Room is Growing and we need your help!

Due to delays in government funding and construction, XinXiang is not due to move into the new orphanage until October 2012. 

Until then we would like to make the current room as bright, colourful and warm as possible - just as you would want your own child’s nursery to be. We want Gracie’s Room to be a room that stimulates the children’s senses for proper development, a room where they can lie on their bellies on a soft, clean mat, exercising and developing their muscles, a room where they are discovering sights and sounds with nursery rhymes and colourful walls, all the while having a figure encouraging, loving them and helping them to grow!

The current Gracie’s Room is in desperate need of upgrades. No improvements were put into this existing room as we were expecting to be in the new facility by October 2011. We instead focused on staffing and immediate needs of the children.

As the transition is now delayed by a full year, we need to double our fund-raising efforts to maintain the childcare and to make improvements to the existing room.

To accomplish this Dianjiang Kids International is launching our biggest fund-raising event ever:

Growing Gracie’s Room

Gracie’s Room now has a wish list on
Vitamins, cleft lip/cleft palate bottles, sippy cups, toys and wall decals are just some of the items listed.

Donations of baby quilts, hats, socks and mittens have already been offered!
Monetary donations will be used to replace the existing foam matts, repair broken windows and winterize the room.

Investments in growing the existing Gracie’s Room will be able to be moved over to the new building in 2012.

Please visit our link, do a little shopping and remember the children.
Click on wishes and then type in Gracie’s Room.

Or click on:

Monetary donations may be made through our website at!__donations

All items will be hand delivered to Gracie’s Room in March, 2012 by members of Dianjiang Kids board.