Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Changes for XinXiang!

Our summer may be winding down, however XinXiang’s is winding up for a huge change!

After an unexpected stop in construction, they are now gearing up to move into the new orphanage in October!

Currently we have 15 children in our Gracie’s Room Program and XinXiang has asked us to continue our work in the new building. We have been given a large bright room with two adjoining rooms, one is a bathing area and the other will act as an infirmary.

All of the rooms need to be furnished, painted and brightly decorated! This is our job! The orphanage has given us the rooms, now it is up to us to paint, decorate and furnish it!! Any interior decorators out there??? We would love to hear everyone’s suggestions!

Nine of our fifteen children are brand new arrivals to Gracie’s Room and we know they will benefit greatly from the love and care of the nannies.

We have had one adoption this year, so far, and her family says she is doing amazing and can’t imagine life with out her or her contagious smile!!

We also have two more children that will be in the arms of their forever families hopefully by the end of the new year.

Stay tuned for information on an upcoming fundraiser to help decorate Gracie’s Room!