Monday, February 20, 2017

First Day in XuChang - 2017 trip!

Our director, Moya, and an awesome volunteer, therapist, and First Hugs supporter, Aimee, are in XuChang this week at First Hugs, working and visiting our babies! Stay tuned for daily updates and lots of pictures!!

On Sunday afternoon Aimee and I arrived in XuChang- excited to get to the orphanage the next day. We were a little tired but were afraid if we took a rest, we would mess up our sleep schedule. So we went for a walk.

And what a walk it was. First there were just many many shops. And lots of people. We noticed there were many electronic shops and phone stores. We took a right and saw many things for sale by street vendors next to a beautiful large park.

Families were flying kites and children driving little cars and riding rides. Colorful kites were for sale and two sisters rode unicycles. One little girl came up to Aimee and shyly offered her a postcard and said proudly "I know English". She giggled and ran back to her mom.
Across the street from the park was a group of building whose architecture dates back to 200 AD . There is a large courtyard, a drum tower, a treasure room, a knife and seal tower and more. It is an important historic site in Henan.

As we walked back to the hotel, we took back streets and saw interesting entryways to homes and a few signs for businesses that made us smile- most notable "Crabby Patties" and "Good sister-in law food".

We passed a primary school. Would love to go back and see the kids but won't have time. It was good to see a little more of XuChang and we may head out for a walk again some evening.

It was a balmy 65 when we went for a walk yesterday. Monday calls for a high of 42 with strong winds. We cannot wait to see the babies! Look for pictures of gorgeous babies later tonight!!

Moya and Aimee


  1. I'm so jealous!! I wish I could be there with you! Please love on all my babies for me. Keep the updates coming.

  2. Ditto what Krista said! Super jealous! Glad you're getting to explore XuChang this trip! Can't wait to see updates on the babies!!!! ��

  3. Wish I was there too! Can't wait to see the babies!!

  4. Definitely living vicariously through you two right now! ;) Can't wait to hear news on the sweet babies. These are beautiful photos of the town. Hugs and wishes to you for a quick jet lag recovery!!