Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 2 in XuChang - BABIES!!!!

Our director, Moya, and an awesome volunteer, therapist, and First Hugs supporter, Aimee, are in XuChang this week at First Hugs, working and visiting our babies! Stay tuned for daily updates and lots of pictures!!

Monday 2/20/2017

It was wonderful to drive into the orphanage courtyard and recognize the giant giraffe and Kung Fu Panda. We were so excited to see the children again. We were met by QiRui, our First Hugs room manager, and by Director Dan. There were hugs all around and then we headed up to the First Hugs room. Everywhere we looked, children were interacting with nannies, being loved on, and nurtured. It made our souls happy.

As we were going over the files we realized today is cute LB's first birthday! We got lots of funny looks as we sang to him in English and in Mandarin. Look at that smile!

I held Peter, a boy we remembered for his easy smiles and laughs a year ago. This year, it wasn't so easy but we saw him with his nanny and there were those smiles! We spent a lot of the morning with a few of our kiddos with more challenging needs. Our Taylor Shae is alert and looking around but Aimee, our pediatric physiotherapist and volunteer extraordinaire, got to watch Taylor Shae eat and gave some thought about how to make that easier for her. Aimee also looked at movement and tone for each of these babies and came up with some preliminary training ideas for the nannies.

Moya and Peter!
Aimee also looked at two of our newest additions, WL, who is a beautiful round-faced boy with repaired club feet and a left ear difference. He has the roundest, most beautiful face and can roll over even with his leg braces. He also sits independently now and freely gives out smiles.
Sweet YT is just 9 months old (as is WL) and has repaired heart disease. She sits up independently and rolls over. She is petite, especially next to WL!

Princess YT
The afternoon meant more time with all. Aimee set up a swing which a few kids tried. XT seemed to put up with the swinging but was somewhat distracted by all the praise from passing nannies.

Sam was up and walking around when this time last year we were not sure she would ever walk. The cuteness factor is high with her. She is happy to put the coins in the pig... over and over... but as soon as CY passes by with the drums, she is up and after him!

The beautiful miss Sam

We ended today with a trip to the bank to see about opening a bank account so we can receive donations in local currency. We will be back tomorrow morning to do further evaluations and plan for training on Thursday.

More soon! Stay tuned!

And all of our sweet babies are in need of sponsors! Want to get regular photos and updates on one of these sweeties? See more on how to sponsor a baby here -

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  1. My husband and I are prayerfully considering adoption so these posts have been so valuable to us. China orphanages are so new to us.