Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tuesday at First Hugs

Tuesday 2/21/17 - It was a long day but much was accomplished. It had been a beautiful day on Sunday, a little windy on Monday, and on Tuesday we had snow and freezing rain and slush.

Our morning started with more evaluations of individual children by Aimee. We were especially interested in several babies' eating issues. Aimee took video of Taylor Shae, MZ, YT, and ZY as they were being fed bottles. Luckily she has not only her own expertise but that of her friend Laura Woodring, a speech language pathologist. Audrey also has trouble drinking bottles.

After a while we went upstairs to the newborn nursery to see some of the new arrivals and some of the sicker babies. It is always very hard to face such joy with sadness combined. We did see several beautiful newborns, one with a severe cleft lip/palate, one with a simpler cl/cp, an absolutely gorgeous little one with albinism, and another baby with limb differences and hydrocephalus. Every single one, precious.

Next we went to visit some kids whose files had recently arrived at CCAI. Some lucky families will welcome these cute kiddos soon!

Aimee continued evaluating kiddos and giving the a nannies tips on positions for kids to play in to continue to build strength and incorporate engagement.

Aimee working with kids
ZY getting a massage
relaxed baby!
Sam gets her hair done in little pigtails after naps and she just loves the bows and ribbons. Even CY ( a boy!) asks for the ribbons some times.

beautiful Sam

Bubble time this afternoon meant fun for all the kids. They stand around QiRui while she blows bubbles and try to catch them. So much fun to watch.

We finished the day with a ride home in snow and freezing rain. Luckily we have a good driver; I don't think I could have made the drive without incident.

And all of our donations made it to First Hugs! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and who shopped our Amazon wishlist to help provide all of these supplies for our little ones.

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  1. ZY getting massaged, so cute! And sams bows, she's precious