Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday - 2/22 at First Hugs

Today was our middle day at XuChang.We started out with lots of activity in our First Hugs room. As we entered the orphanage and our room, we saw the kids being loaded up for their trip from the sleeping room to the play room. Unloading them was the first task and then we settled into play. What fun it was to introduce new toys from our wish list and seeing the kids engage. Favorites include the pig with coins and farm animals that fit together, as well as a peg puzzle.
Aubrey, WL, and Vivienne with a nanny
Moya and Peter
new toys!
AK doing the puzzle
QiRui brought out balloons and then bubbles and those really kept the kiddos busy. Aimee took out Lycra material and provided sensory input, giving the kids a chance for movement that they don't already have. All three kids who tried it really enjoyed it.

Morning snack was an egg pancake with vegetables that was enjoyed. Aimee continued to work with nannies and babies on the best ways to feed them. Two of our littles are feeding themselves. Sam and CY are doing a great job...and are so proud.

 Vivienne and  Sam played a great game of hide and seek with their nanny. They would stand quietly in the order, then pop out and run to their nanny and jump in her arms....again  and again and again. Repetition is such an important part of learning for babies and toddlers.

Vivienne and Sam playing
Tomorrow is a big day as Moya and Aimee Will be training nannies in a more formal setting.


  1. Does a nanny sleep in the sleep room in case babies wake up? How does that work and about how many sleep in a room?

  2. Yes, Melissa, there is nanny with them while they sleep but no sleeping for her. She is working so she is folding laundry, changing diapers and feeding as needed and cleaning. And holding babies who cannot sleep.